Few More Star Pigeons

McLaughlin Lofts is continuously on the search for the best pigeons possible. Below are a few of our champion breeders/racers and a few impressive imports that will leave their mark on the pigeon sport!

McLofts 12 3650 'The Freak' 1st Place AU Convention by 23 minutes! Scored 4th and 6th in the two training races.  Follow the pedigree and see we owned Phoenix that bred Andy that bred Mo (McLofts 06 501) that bred The Dark Hen, that bred Sword that bred The super hen The Freak, 1st AU Convention on a tough race with a 23 minute lead. Generations of major winners in all our pigeons is the only way!

Follow the pedigree on The Freak  McLofts 12 3650   and see we owned Phoenix that bred Andy that bred Mo (McLofts 06 501) that bred The Dark Hen, that bred Sword that bred The super hen The Freak, 1st AU Convention on a tough race with a 23 minute lead. Generations of major winners in all our pigeons is the only way!​​

McLofts 10 2982 'Sword' Sire 1st Place AU Convention
McLofts 08 1931 'The Dark Hen', champion long distance racer. Grand dam 1st AU Convention and dam to Ambition 1st 500 miles flying 12.5 hours into a headwind.

McLofts 10 2435 'Ambition' 1st 500 Mile 3rd New England Open daughter of 'The Dark Hen'. She flew into a stiff headwind for 12.5 hours and arrived home like she never left the loft. Scored in multiple long and short races.  Picture below.

McLofts 05 5370 'Fog's Dream' Dam to 'The Dark Hen', grand dam to Ambition and Sword and great grand dam to 1st AU Convention.

We also own two Netherlands 2011 Extreme Long Distance hens that are bred around the best of Wijnands, Van der Wegan and Van Wanroy.

View the Pedigrees of these two incredible Extreme Long Distance Hens here:
NL 11 1353464 Black Hen
NL 11 1343301 Black Hen

RIS 11 266 DC Hen.  Champion Racer.  Retired 2015 after another super season racing. 

McLofts 15 2214. 1st Sprint Champion Empire Classic Canada.  Equal 1st 185 mile with five others. 901 birds starting the series. 

McLofts 09 2327 'Mercury'  Sire to two 1st Furitity winners. Grandson to the great Imbrecht cock '160 and the Caseart hen 'Demi'.

McLofts 09 2397 Blue Cock.  Superstar breeder raising top One Loft and Futurity pigeons each year! 

Belg 09 3002590 'Dynamite' son Dynamo the legendary breeder of Daniel and Gabriel Kint. Dynamo is the famous foundation cock of Kint's Loft.  Dynamo has children for generations breeding major winners in Belgium. 590 had a half sister score 28th Million Dollar Race 2009.  Another brother won 1st Tours 3000 pigeons. Dam to Belg 09 3002590 is the grand mother to 1st National Chateauroux 36,000 pigeons. Picture below.

Belg 10 6195317 'Mikey" Vandenabeele full and half sister to to 1st Provincial winners. Bred from one of the top breeders in the province.  Photos of  Mikey and Mikey's sire below:

Belg 12 2015304 'Beckman' Inbred Bliksem and Wittenbuik of Vandenabeele. This cock will be mated to Belg 10 6195317 'Mikey'.  They do not come any better than 'Beckman'. See his pedigree and photos below.. This pigeon was given by Deno-Herbots to the 13 year old son of Dr Raf Herbots.  The boy raced Beckman. Every year this young man races with +/- 20 babies independent and alone by himself to study the pigeon sport this way. Of course he does this by himself and this is not done in a professional manner. He must go to school and has other hobbies but this pigeon was raced out to 500 km and won about 6 prizes.

Belg 11 2197494 "Sonic" Full brother to five op National scoring pigeons against thousands of pigeons. If a famous loft owned the sire and dam it would probably be the most expensive pair in Belgium. This cock is just amazing and will be one of our best!  View results here. Photo below.

Belg 12 6246485 Jos Joosen.  6246485 is from 1st National Montelimar 6713 pigeons flying 17 hours and 4 minutes to win the National.  6246485 is inbred to the great pigeons of the Joosen line.  We expect super results in the breeding loft from this pigeon.  Photo, pedigree and record are shown below.  See all our Joosen pigeons under Jos Joosen of Brecht.

Belg 09 314 6368 BK Hen.  Norman Champion Breeding direct daughter to Champion Rhone Man  of Marcel Aelbrecht when Rhone Man was mated to a daughter of Zorro.  Photo below.  Belg 09 3146368 is the dam and grand dam to winners and futurity winners.

Belg 09 3146346 BK Hen.  Norman Champion Breeding Daughter to Champion Robinson of Norman. Robinson was 1st National Pau and the sire to generations of champions.  Three grand parents of Robinson are 1st National winners. Robinson was mated to the daughter of Zorro to produce Belg 09 3146346.  Photo below.  Belg 09 3146346 bred 1st OOA Grain Belt Classic 2012.   

Belg 13 3096674 BC Hen'Norman'.  This hen is a direct daughter to the #1 Hen at Norman's loft. If you follow the champions you will see nearly all are bred down from or out of the dam to our new superstar.  

Hard Tack.  Koopman.  Direct son of the legendary De Rauw Sablon super breeder Bjane.  Hard Tack's Dam(photo below).  Bjarne Pedigree.

NL 13 1027672 BC Hen. Photo below.  Inbred to the fantastic pigeon GOUDHAANTJE from Rudi Diels, Belgium! A super racer with 3rd National Ace bird Sprint KBDB 2005, 4th. National Ace bird Sprint KBDB 2006 and became 1st Olympiad bird Sprint for Belgium at the Olympiad in Oostende in 2007! He also won 5 x 1. prizes, 4 x 2. prizes, 2 x 3. Prizes – and today he is the foundation cock on the loft of Rudi Diels!

Sire: EXTRA GOUD – Inbred half brother to the Olympic sprint bird GOUDHAANTJE. His father DE PEET, father of GOUDHAANTJE, was Ace bird Middle Distance Beerse 2003. EXTRA GOUD is also brother to ZUS GOUDHAANTJE – mother to 1. Olympiad Pigeon Longdistance Poznan 2011 for Bart Van Oeckel.

Dam: AGNES – is a fullsister of GOUDHAANTJE!  Champion  breeder!

McLaughlin Lofts now owns four Goudhaantje pigeons.  Rudi Diels is a little known source loft for many and the Rudi Diels Goudhaantje pigeons are behind champions.  See Article from Pipa Here.  You will soon believe in Rudi Diels.

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