2016 Prize Money

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For over 20 years the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race has proven to be the best one loft pigeon race in the world. The race is a true test of endurance for even the most agile of pigeons. It is the Olympics of pigeon racing with entrants from 33 countries competing for the sought after title of South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race Champion. Winners receive international fame and recognition. The South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race has a prize pay-out that is unparalleled with over 400 ways to win.

It is actually 6 races for the price of one - 5 hot spot car races plus the final race. $200,000 First Prize! Over $1.6 million paid in prizes for your $1100 entry fee 5 Cars at a value of $16,000 each 95 Hot Spot prizes of $1,100 each Two Bird and Three Pigeon Competition Knock-out competition, Hot Spot Ace, International Challenge and Million Dollar Ace Pigeon Global and country nomination races with $109,042 paid during the 2014-2015 season to US Entrants If your pigeons are lost before the nal race you get a credit or your money back In the 2014-2015 season US bred pigeons won over $210,560 in race prize money. This excludes minor prizes, cars and country championships and nominations. The U.S. has won the race three times!

Final Race Pays 300 Positions.

 In 2015, McLaughlin Lofts through tireless work with the South African and American governments managed to ship pigeons to Million Dollar Pigeon Race. Our track record of excellent care of the export pigeons speaks for itself. McLaughlin Lofts certainly gives you the best chance of success! Ship pigeons to McLaughlin Lofts starting April 1st. The pigeons will be exported to South Africa from May 2016. Pigeons should shipped to my loft so they arrive 4 weeks before scheduled shipping date. 

One big advantage we have in Massachusetts is that May and June are cool months and ideal for receiving and exporting pigeons. Your pigeons will be well cared for during the entire process. As far as communication goes, I will keep you updated bi-weekly throughout the entire Million Dollar Race Season. 

I will contact you immediately with any race information and notify you of upcoming deadlines. I will o er race insight and give recognition to the top 3 lofts in each training and race result. Please see www.McLaughlinLofts.com for extensive information and FAQs on the Million Dollar Race along with e-mail updates and trip photos from the past season. The export cost is $45 per pigeon with checks made payable to Frank McLaughlin. The entry fee for the Million Dollar Race is $1100 for each 3 bird team which includes one entry and two backups. You are welcome to mail me the $1100 entry fee and I will wire the money over for you. Checks should be made payable to Frank McLaughlin. 

Shipping Information:

Frank McLaughlin

395 Whitman Street

Hanson, Massachusetts 02341

Cell: (781) 820-8327



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