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Flash  Hebberecht wins 1st National St. Vincent 2013, with a son of Pancho-Jelle. To view article, Click Here.  Pedigree of 'Evert' 1st National Winner Click Here.

McLaughlin Lofts continues to look toward the future.  We own the best of Chris Hebberecht.  Chris' foundation father of the present family is a long since deceased cock called 'Bjorn'.  We bought a direct daughter from the 'Schone Bleken' who is a full brother to 'Bjorn'.  'Schone Bleken' descendants are responsible for numerous champions for generations in the Hebberecht strain. We also have a direct daughter to the world famous 'Tarzan'.  We own a half sister to the great 'Jaws' who just sold for 250,000.00 euro. We  own a hen from the nest mate to Jaws plus a daughter from the incomparable Pancho-Jelle. Pancho-Jelle is the grand sire to 1st National Long Distance Ace 'Ike' who also sold for 250,000 Euro. Pancho-Jelle is the sire of the incredible breeding hen at Koopman's, 'Hebberecht 941'.  See the impressive pedigrees below.  

Hebberecht pigeons crossed onto middle distance families have been dominating major one loft futurities. Our main reason for the Hebberecht pigeons is their continued success in the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race. No family has done as well with so few entered.

Our 17 direct Hebberecht imports are outstanding.  Please view the pedigrees below to understand our stock. As you will see it is tough for anyone to compare to our stock!

Our daughter of Schone Bleken "Crystal" bred 1st Boston Concourse in the toughest young bird race of the season 2011 and had two grand children score in the top 50 of the AU Convention 2011. Another grand daughter of Crystal was 5th AU Ace pigeon in 2012 old birds.  

Our daughter of Tarzan "Jane",  bred 15th Million Dollar Race 2016, bred 90th Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2012, and this pigeon "Mary Doll" was 14th overall average speed with 7800 starting.  Another son was 9th Boston Concourse in a tough race old bird season 2012.  Another daughter to Jane was equal 1st Detroit Classic. Full brother to Mary Doll scored 36th in the 5th Hot Spot Car Race South African Million Dollar 1/12/2013.  The results keep on coming.

Chris had another outstanding year in 2012.  Chris Hebberecht is not a professional pigeon fancier.  Notice the professional pigeon fanciers throughout Europe are using Hebberecht stock as a cross.  

2013 we visited Chris during his spectacular race season and added a son of Champion Vip and a full brother to Champion Vip!  See a few pictures of our visit at Hebberecht's below.

To View a list of recent championships and results Click Here

There may not be a better or more successful long distance family on the planet.  When I say long distance these pigeons dominate between 250 to 500 miles.  

Click to view the pedigrees of our Hebberecht pigeons!

Belg 09 4170497  'Jane'
Daughter Tarzan
Belg 09 4335741  'Crystal'
Daughter Schonen Bleken
Belg 09 4170385
Grand Daugher Pokemon
Belg 10 4095266
Bred from nest mate to Jaws
Belg 11 4289533  'Clash'
Grandson to Champion
Belg 12 4313644
Half Sister to Jaws 
Belg 12 4313651
Son Jaws onto grand mother of JD Action! 2nd South African Million Dollar Race

Belg 13 4288495 
Direct son to Champion Racer Vip!
Belg 13 4288498 

Full brother to the incredible Vip!

Belg 12 4313604
Brother Jempy onto daughter Champion  
Belg 12 4310484
Son Ike onto daughter Champion  
Belg 12 4313611
Safir onto daughter Axl 
Belg 12 4313630 
Brother Jempy onto half sister Solo from Axl  
Belg 12 4313617
Son Jaws onto daughter Axl  
Belg 12 4313619
Son Bjorn onto daughter Pancho-Jelle 
Belg 12 4302323
Direct daughter Pancho-Jelle
Belg 13 4270543  
Bred from a brother to Jempy mated to a daughter of Pancho

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