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Fabry and Imbrecht

MVPC 74 554 Fabry cock is known as the top producer ever in the Boston Concourse. Not only has 554 impacted McLaughlins' record but the race record of nearly every loft around America to try this special bloodline. 554 has 15 generations of winners around the globe. In 2012 racing in the Boston Concourse this bloodline was responsible for 1st New England Open 500 miles, old birds and 1st New England Open 300 miles, young birds.  Our entire Fabry line was bred from one cock and three world class Fabry hens.  

The story of MVPC 74 554 goes back to 1977.  Frank Jr. at 15 years old was crazy about the 554 cock owned by a Boston fancier.  554 had won a 200 mile race and was 2nd at 700 miles. 554 was bred by Ken Swartz of Davenport Iowa and was a son of his top Fabry the Phoney Cock. Frank Jr. wanted this pigeon so much that Frank Sr. offered the fancier $100 a couple weeks before Christmas.  The great 554 moved to McLaughlin's breeding section.  

The first youngster 554 raised was a blue check cock that Frank Jr. banded with a gold futurity band.  Six months later this blue check cock was radiant on the day of shipping the JJS Gold Band Futurity.  Frank Jr. convinced his father to pool this pigeon to the max.  What Frank Jr. did not tell his father was that this young cock had a seventh flight grown in about one inch and dropped the eighth flight the day of shipping.  The pigeon had a sixth flight and the next flight was the ninth flight.  The next day this first son of 554 won the race against 105 lofts, 785 birds by 15 minutes.  This was a glimpse of what was to come.

In the next few years from 1978 to 1982 McLaughiln Lofts continued to excel with children and grand children of 554.  The 554 pigeons not only destroyed the competition but also destroyed all the other pigeons at McLaughlin Lofts.  The few that went to local fanciers also bred winner after winner.

Back in the 70's and early 80's most lofts were still racing Sions, Bastins, Van Reils and Stassarts. These pigeons were big, heavy boned and slow.  The 554 pigeons were light as cork with the most amazing feather which was soft silky and thick.  The 554 pigeons no  matter how overfed continued to stay in racing shape year round.  It was amazing to handle these pigeons mid winter and they would feel identical to mid race season.  Just by observation and dealing with the 554 pigeons, Frank started selecting pigeons with super feather quality and a weightless feel.  Without realizing it Frank was selecting what all champions have, great feather and super buoyancy.   

The greatest aspect of the 554 Fabry family was the ability to pass the genetics from generation to generation.  The 554 family won young and old and for anyone that owned them.  This line at McLaughlin Lofts came through 554 and three hens bred by Ken Carpenter directly out of his Fabry imports bought in the 1970's.  Two hens were selected by Frank Jr. out of a team of late hatches and one was raced as a young bird winning the Andy Adams futurity coming in 30 minutes after dark. There were 110 lofts and again the only bird pooled that McLaughlin Lofts entered. All three became foundation breeders and 1064 the Andy Adams Futurity winner bred Decathlon with the Old Imbrecht Cock.  

The 554 Fabry line today comes through 554 to his best son 6567 that won multiple races and two Boston Concourse 1st in the South against over 100 lofts.  6567 bred 237 when he was mated to Cod 86 3778.  237 was a champion racer and in turn was the grand sire to Remarkable Ply 97 2434.  237 bred Magellan who won 1st New England Open 400 miles by a wide margin.  Magellan bred to 161, the best daughter ever from 554 bred Ply 94 2498.  These pigeons, 2434, 2498, Magellan along with 3778 and 237 really make up the modern day Fabry pigeons at McLaughlin Lofts.  Check out the pedigrees below.
After several years dominating with the 554 Fabrys, McLaughlin Lofts decided to bring in another super family of pigeons and went to Germain Imbrecht and bought five pigeons including one from his top pair at the time.  Gold was struck again in 1983 with Belgium 83 2262065 the “Old Imbrecht Cock”, the name he received later in his life,  The “Old Imbrecht Cock” was the sire to major winners from the start. His offspring won as young birds at the 300 miles and continued to win 200 to 600 miles as old birds.   The most famous sons of the “Old Imbrecht Cock” are “Decathlon” a triple winner, winning as a young bird and old bird out to 600 miles finishing 1st Boston Concourse and 2nd New England Open 600 miles against 4066 birds.  The other son Bra 84 1613 bred from two Imbrecht imports became as good as his sire and Decathlon.

The second year breeding the Old Imbrecht Cock, he the Boston Band Futurity winner with over 100 lofts and McLaughlin Lofts entered one pigeon.  The winners continued to come but the greatest racer of all was Decathlon born in 1987.  Decathlon won 1st 300 miles as a late bred and finished 9th New England Open in fog and rain.  As a two year old Decathlon won 1st 500 Miles 11th New England Open and then 1st 600 miles Boston Concourse and 2nd New England Open 4066 pigeons.  Decathlon became a champion breeder and his son also bred 1st Boston Concourse 600 miles for Tony Rizzoto the highlight of a 60 year pigeon career for Tony.  In 2003, a  great grandson from The Old Imbrecht won equal 1st Boston Concourse 600 miles for McLaughlin Lofts. Three Boston Concourse 600 mile winners down from one cock!

What makes the Imbrecht pigeons so special is they win tough young bird races.  In most cases long distance pigeons do not win as young birds.  The Imbrecht family also won for everyone that touched them.  Just another dominant family of pigeons.  

You will notice our modern Imbrecht pigeons are bred down from the Old Imbrecht Cock, Decathlon, the best daughter of 1613 ringed Ply 95 2909 and her son 160.  Check out the pedigrees below.

When we crossed the Fabrys with the Imbrechts they just exploded with endless wins all over the US.  They have dominated in all climates under numerous handlers.  These pigeons continue to turn average fanciers into long distance specialists literally overnight.  Our Fabry family has a touch of Imbrecht and our Imbrecht pigeons have a touch of Fabry and both families are better for it. A true McLaughlin Lofts creation that gets better generation after generation.  

We cannot find successful Fabrys anywhere so we have used some pigeons bred from our own Fabry lines as a cross. We recently added three Imbrecht pigeons from the best of Germain Imbrecht to work into the Imbrecht line.  You will see these three new imports are the best Imbrecht owns from his top breeders.

If you need a  pigeon that will win long distance races on the day when all other pigeons have quit, try one of our Imbrecht or Fabry pigeons.  This family has had much success in many countries including The Million Dollar Race in South Africa with many top 100 scores including 18th in 2005 with only 24 day birds at 400 miles.  The Imbrecht pigeons will produce some of the most amazing mealies and silvers you will ever see.  Most of the pigeons from both families are blue or smokey blue bar medium sized super feathered, great muscled racing machines.

As young birds these Imbrecht pigeons dominate at 300 to 400 miles.  As young birds the Fabry pigeons dominate at 300 miles.  Both families win all distance as old birds with the Imbrechts racing 200 to 600 miles and the Fabrys are best 200 to 500 miles.  Let us select some young that will start you on your way to long distance domination. 

Both families are similar type and very buoyant.  The Imbrecht and Fabry pigeons will not gain weight and stay in racing condition all year long.  They love to exercise around the loft and need little to no training to maintain form.  They are a very easy pigeon to work with.   No worries about overfeeding the Imbrecht or Fabry pigeons.  They usually flap their wings and bounce around instead of eating.  Winter or summer these two families live in super shape.    

Experience the excitement of clocking pigeons on the day in tough races when very few pigeons have homed on the day.  Heat, headwinds, rain or snow and these pigeon come through it all with speed.  

To View the Boston Concourse , 400 to 600 mile Ace Pigeon and 100-600 Ace Pigeon Direct Daughter to 1000 or to view the Engels Imbrecht AU Overall Ace 100 to 600 Miles NE Zone  McLofts 3499, click on photo.

To View the Engels Imbrecht AU Overall Ace 100 to 600 Miles NE Zone  McLofts 3499, clock on photo.

Click below to view the pedigrees of our favorite Fabry Breeders!
McLofts 07 1000 Blue Cock  
McLofts 06 400   Blue Hen
McLofts 06 558   Blue Hen
McLofts 05 5611 Pen Cock
McLofts 05 5569 Blue Cock
McLofts 06 492   Blue Cock
McLofts 05 5385 Blue Hen        

Click below to view the pedigrees of some of our favorite Imbrecht breeders!
McLofts 01 387 Blue Hen
A 06 9694 Mealy Cock
McLofts 05 5494 Blue Hen
McLofts 06 396 Blue Cock
McLofts 06 554 Blue Hen
McLofts 06 561 Blue Tick Cock
BWI 07 75036 Bwf Hen
Below are the three new Germain Imbrecht imports and their pedigrees. As you will see they are inbred to the great Petit Barcelona (Little Barcelona) and all the champions in his line.  This three will be worked back into our Imbrecht pigeons to enhance the McLaughlin Imbrecht line. We brought in a red cock, mealy cock and blue hen.  This will also allow us to reproduce all the colors of the unique long distance family.