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Hawaii and Export Costs

McLaughlin Lofts will export our pigeons to Hawaii at cost.  Box, Vet fees and Airline will cost about $250 total for up to 12 pigeons.  Buy with confidence and let me ship to Hawaii.  We will pay all export fees and ship the pigeons to Honolulu free of charge, on pigeon orders over $1200.  We can arrange shipping to the other islands.

Call or email to discuss options.  It has never been easier to bring McLaughlin Lofts pigeons to Hawaii!

Please contact McLaughlin Lofts for more information for shipping to various countries around the world.  Below are our fixed price shipping costs to some of our favorite destinations.

We ship only pigeons purchased from us.  If you want to add a few pigeons from another fancier to your shipment we certainly can do this.

We will ship at our cost to all US buyers.  We give the US Postal Shipping box for free and charge a discounted Postal Rate.

McLaughlin Lofts can ship to Mexico for $35 per pigeon


Approximately $250 per pigeon to ship