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No competitor will provide better service than McLaughlin Lofts.  We work closely with government accredited quarantine facilities and only use Animals to Fly, Dutch Quarantine and Veterinary Services (photos & videos below). Our exporter is the #1 in the world and there are no hidden fees. Shipments are approximately every four weeks, which is more than double the shipments of our competitors.  

Many of our competitors use what I call the "Noah's Ark System." Multiple breeds, sexes and and, in some cases, poultry, are mixed together while waiting to export.  McLaughlin Lofts uses the safest and best procedures in keeping your pigeon(s) safe and easily located for importing. 


Your pigeons come to Massachusetts, which has cool temperatures for nearly the entire year.  Be careful of other importers, who deal with extreme heat and provide lower-end shipping and quarantine standards.   

Next Collection will take place  March 29, 2019.  Previous collection was on March 1, 2019.  Let me know if you need a pickup. Pigeons have been arriving in beautiful condition. Sometimes, we collect twice in busier months. 

Importing both racing and fancy pigeons has never been easier.  We handle everything during each step of the process.  We are the only importer that uses a very high-end exclusive quarantine. Only the best for your pigeons. All sexes are separated and "like" breeds are kept together.  Do not try to save $5 and have you pigeon go missing for months or arrive in terrible condition.  No importer can compare to McLaughlin Lofts.

We import from all the famous and lessor known fanciers including:  Herbots, Eijerkamp, GPS-Pigeons, M&C Hansen, Alun Jones of Red Star, PIPA, Top Pigeons, Koopman, Herman Beverdam, Raymond Rutten, Premier Stud, European Pigeon Website, Alex Mack, Pigeon Plaza, Les Green, Myrtle Lofts and Elimar Pigeons to name a few.

What We Do:

  • We will have your pigeons for import picked up at the breeders loft and delivered to Dutch Quarantine and Veterinary Services (Animals to Fly).
  • We will ship your pigeons at a discounted online USPS rate.  We charge less than the actual postage.
  • We always give Express Mail shipping boxes for FREE.
  • We never add on extra for handling, post office shipping or shipping boxes, like many others do.  Don't be fooled by all the hidden costs other lesser importers add on.
  • We import from the United Kingdom and many other European countries.
  • Every shipment that arrives at McLaughlin Lofts is wormed with moxidectin, bathed and given every possible grain, pellet and mineral.
  • We ship to Mexico and Hawaii at our cost.  No surprises with McLaughlin Lofts.

No one can beat our importing prices or service!  $160 per pigeon from Belgium and Holland to the USA.  Some additional charges from other countries.

Below are some pictures of Animals to Fly new Dutch Quarantine and Veterinary Services.

The pigeons are cared for under veterinary supervision by one of the top pigeon Veterinarians in the sport.  The pigeons are kept in the multiple quarantine rooms. Each room is climatically controlled with high tech ventilation.  Strict bio-security protocols are in place above and beyond what is necessary for the government.  You probably will never see pictures of our competitors quarantines.

The owner and staff of Animals to Fly and Dutch Quarantine & Veterinary Services are #1 in Europe in pigeon care and exporting.  

McLaughlin Lofts will only do what is best for your pigeons.  We are experts in every aspect of pigeon care and importing. McLaughlin Lofts has 41 years in the sport and 24 years importing.  We are the largest, most reliable top pigeon importer for a reason. We plan to stay that way! 

Please email for references.  Do your homework on who handles your pigeons.  All the top fanciers bring their pigeons through McLaughlin Lofts.

Below is a video from September 11, 2015 the day my shipment was collected.
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