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Ivo Renders...Belgium's Best Kept Secret!

Frank holding his new purchase.   A direct daughter to Ivo's two top breeders, De Reiger and the Stammother of the loft.  We own two direct from 'De Reiger', Ivo Renders #1 Cock.   More Photo's very bottom.

McLaughlin Lofts now owns direct from Ivo Renders most famous breeders: 

De Reiger', 'Stammother', 'Blauwe 47', 'De Piep', 'Jonge Reiger' and the 'Nestsister to De Reiger'.

​Ivo Renders is one of Belgium's best kept secrets with many of the most famous Belgian pigeon fanciers are going to Ivo's to improve their own stock.  Ulrich Lemmens has two sisters bred direct from De Reiger:

Belg 12 6319856 and Belg 12 6319855 (photos below) respectively the 8th National Bourges 13.588 pigeons and 9th National Tulle 6.972 pigeons achieved in 2013 in his loft in Balen.

Three weeks before our visit, Gaston De Wouwer the owner of 'Kaasboer' was buying stock at Ivo Renders.  

Ivo is not a professional fancier and keeps an array of exotic birds, animals in his pasture, geese, pheasant, very large Koi fish pool and beautiful gardens.  Hard to believe such a small fancier can have such big results with limited time.  Ivo  enters a handful of pigeons weekly against the best of the sport.

Ivo's pigeons win both as young birds and old birds.  His few pigeons entered in one loft races have scored in both South Africa and the Belgium Masters (photo below).

Many talk about finding the small loft that is going to be a famous name 10 years from now.  Here is one.  Ivo Renders! Watch what happens to Ivo and his pigeons over the next few years.

McLaughlin Lofts Ivo Renders Pigeons pigeons below:
Belg 11 6171683 Bwf Hen  Pedigree   Bred from De Reiger and the Stammother. Bred 1st Boston Concourse 200 miles, young birds 2016 
Belg 13 6031990 Blue Cock Pedigree Bred from De Reiger 
Belg 13 6031853 Pen Cock  Pedigree  Bred from Blauwe 47
Belg 13 6031937 BC  Cock  Pedigree  From De Piep and the Nest sister to De Reiger. Bred super star racer, old birds 2017
Belg 13 6031938 BC  Hen  Pedigree  From De Piep and the Nest sister to De Reiger
Belg 13 6031953 Blue Hen  Pedigree Bred from the Jonge Reiger. Bred 1st Boston Concourse 300 miles, old birds 2016

More Info on our Ivo Renders pigeons Click Here.

In 1973 Ivo started racing pigeons at the short distance with incredible results.   Like many Belgian fanciers that begin on the short, he switched over to Middle Distance.  The last 2 pure short distance seasons gave him following prizes:

2008 - in Mol-Millegem
1st General Champion
1st Champion Yearlings
3th Champion Old Birds
4th Champion Youngsters

2009 - in Mol-Millegem
1st General Champion
1st Champion Youngsters
2nd Champion Old Birds
2nd Champion Yearlings

2009 - Kempisch Hafospel
1st General Champion
1st Champion Youngsters
2nd Champion Yearlings
4th Champion Old Birds

In 2010 Ivo decided to start racing both short and also on the popular middle distance and what an amazing start it was.  After only 2 seasons he found himself in the top of region Antwerp! Antwerp is the most competitive Middle Distance area in all Belgium. See the results below:

2010 - Mol-Millegem
1st General Champion - 3 years in a row!
1st Champion Yearlings
1st Champion Youngsters
2nd Champion Old Birds

2010 - Kempisch Hafospel
1st Champion Yearlings
2nd General Champion
2nd Champion Youngsters

Winner of "Sport 5" and "Vierdaagse Jonge Duiven"
4th Place One Loft Race Belgian Masters Nevele, Belgium

2011 - Fond Club Antwerp.  One of the toughest in Belgium
1st General Champion
1st Champion Yearlings
2nd Champion Youngsters
Trophy "In Memorial De Scheemaecker"
- trophy given to the best 1st and 2nd nominated at Bourges I Old Birds, Limoges Yearlings and Argenton Youngsters! 

Check this result from June 2013 with 14 yearlings. The race Belgium is still talking about below.

Montlucon June 16th 2013   1st is a grand daughter of 'Stammother'
Prov 2892 yearlings : 1 5 7 9 121 141 371 526 675 714 786 of 11/14
Zone 4106 yearlings : 1 2 3 6 126 154 426 619 804 849 967 of 11/14
Nat 21827 yearlings : 13 47 52 76 530 604 1397 2013 2657 2812 3222 5103 of 12/14

From left to right: Ivo Renders, Gaston De Wouwer and Ulrich Lemmens.