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Jos and Jules Engels

Could there be a better middle distance loft in Belgium over the last 30 years? Not a chance. Jos and Jules Engels, maybe the best middle distance loft in Belgium of all time. With generations from the legendary producer ‘231’, they win in one season what few could win in many seasons.  In the period 1990-2009, 9 x 1st National, 9 x 1st National in Zone B, 2 x 1st Semi-National, 90 x 1st Provincial. Nearly every top middle distance loft in the world has Engels blood in their pigeons! 

In 2001 we bought direct from 'Den' 231, (Den 31) '178' and 'Den Dikke' among others.  They have turned out to be sensational breeders with generations of winners out through 600 miles young and old.  Our top performances in the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race were half Engels. One pigeon 'Juliette's Romeo' was 18th in the final 400 mile race with only 24 day birds, she was Engels & Imbrecht.  The following year in 2006 we had a super racer called 'Jacqueline' which was 1st in a training race, 3rd in a training race and then flew 59th overall at 400 miles with only 100 day birds.  'Jacqueline' flew 12 hours that day.  'Jacqueline' was Engels Fabry X Van Reet.

In 2010 we decided to restock the Engels pigeons and bought from the top pigeons at Engels Lofts today. 

The inbred Engels birds are sensational producers, wherever they go!  We house the very best of the Engels pigeons from all the super breeders, ‘178’, ‘Den Dikke 584’, ‘De Marcel’, ‘De 734’, inbred ‘Marieke’ and a direct son from maybe the top breeder in Belgium the last 100 years ‘231’.  We have numerous inbred grandchildren to ‘231’.  The Engels pigeons will be the base blood for many of our pigeons.  The Engels pigeons love heat and headwinds and have won out to 600 miles for us and our clients.  Their prepotency is just amazing! Notice one of our new acquisitions in Belg 09 6130630 a half brother to the great Argenton. 

Many call the '231' of Engels the greatest breeder in Belgium over the last 100 years.  His two best sons 'Den Dikke 584' and '178' have been as good as their sire.  Like usual McLaughlin Lofts bought from all the champion breeders and even selected our son of '231' right out of Engels breeding loft.

To View our 1st AU Ace Pigeon 100 to 600 Miles Northeast Zone McLofts 3499, click on photo below.  
3499 is a direct daughter to Belg 09 6130703.

Below are the pedigrees of some of our Engels Breeding Pigeons.
Belg 01 6153759                                Belg 01 6153880
Belg 06 6154688                                Belg 09 6130443
Belg 09 6130630                                Belg 09 6130661
Belg 09 6130703                                Belg 09 6352844
McLofts 02 2555                                McLofts 02 2297
NL 03 1874785                                   NL 03 2317248
McLofts 10 2700                                McLofts 10 2959
McLofts 07 1002                                McLofts 07 1248
McLofts 05 5212                                Ply 11 215
McLofts 10 2997                                Ply 11 925

View some of our Engel's Breeders:

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