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Jos and Joosen of Brecht

McLaughlin Lofts as usual is ahead of the sport on bringing in the best racing pigeons from Jos Joosen of Brecht Belgium.  We bought from his top breeders including the winner of 1st National Montelimar. Joosen is a small loft and has dominated 100 to 600 miles with the same family of pigeons. His order book is full through 2019.  All the very biggest names in the sport are on the waiting list to get Joosen pigeons out to 2019.

Joosen is a fancier that rarely if ever medicates.  He told me during my visit the end of July 2013 that the Veterinarian has never been to his loft in 37 years.  "The Vets come to buy pigeons, that is it" said Joosen. Natural health and great immunity is contained in the genetics of the Joosen pigeons.  

Joosen's premier breeder pigeons are all brothers and sisters to  Joosen's 1st International Perpignan.

To view Joosens records and championships along with the pedigrees of our pigeons see below. For links to articles on Joosen please see below. 

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Photo of our son from 1st National Montelimar 


Joosen info for our son of 1st National Montelimar.  Click Here.

To view the pedigrees and photos of the nine Joosen pigeons I selected,  see below:
Belg 13 6306642  
Belg 13 6306691 
Belg 13 6311602  Sire a super racer was 2nd Best of Belgium through the Rhone Valley!!
Belg 13 6306641  
Belg 13 6027260  
Belg 13 6306645  
Belg 13 6312975  
Belg 13 6027040  
Belg 12 6246485    Direct from to 1st National Montelimar  Flying 17 hours 44 minutes on the day.

Belg 12 6246485 is paired to Belg 13 6027040

Belg 13 6306642 is paired to Belg 13 6306645
Belg 13 6306691 is paired to Belg 13 6312975
Belg 13 6311602 is paired to Belg 13 6027260

To view Jos Joosen's records Click Here.

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Chris Hebberecht win 1st National Ace Long Distance with Ike bred from a Joosen hen.  Read the Article on 'Ike.
To View pictures from our trip to Joosen, see below.  Please read the short article at the very bottom.

In July 2013, we got off the plane and drove two hours to Jos Joosen of Brecht. I was so very excited to visit Joosen.  I have been on his long waiting list with the who’s who of the greats in the pigeon sport.  We were treated to a gourmet multi course lunch by Mrs. Joosen and then proceeded to visit the lofts and handle the champion pigeons.  Joossen started at short distance and became a champion.  He moved to middle distance and became a champion and then switched to long distance only to become maybe the best Long Distance Loft in Belgium.  The amazing part of the Joosen pigeons is that he has won with the same family of pigeons at all distances.  The tough races with heat and headwinds the better for Joosen pigeons.  Joosen excels from Orange, Montilimar and Marseille which all come through the Rhone Valley.  The Rhone Valley races are the very hardest Belgium has to offer.

Joosen does not use or rarely if ever uses any medication.  He told me the Veterinarian has never been to his loft in 37 years.  He laughed and then said that the famous Vets come to his lofts all the time but they come to buy his pigeons. 

I was able to select from his breeders and bought Joosen pigeons from his top pigeons.  They are super long distance pigeons and there is a three year wait to get these pigeons.  I now own nine from Joosen and they are very special pigeons.  We bought a son of 1st National Montilimar this past winter at auction in Belgium having to outbid the Chinese to get this pigeon. Joosen allowed me to select before many of the famous lofts received their late bred pigeons. Joosen’s order book is full through 2019 and contains all the most famous names in both Belgium and Holland.  These big guys are not ordering two pigeons. It seems everyone had an order of 20.  Maybe that is his limit per person?  Joosen let me squeeze in his order book for the next two years.   24 pair of breeders and unbelievable success.  Old school fancier but Joosen was not worried about taking us right in the widow cock and hen loft in the middle of racing season.  Grain right on the floor with his pigeons displaying amazing health. Joosen was the main reason we made this trip to Belgium. The trip was now a huge success and we had been in Belgium for five hours.  I asked Joosen how often does he has visitors and he said, "every day".  If they are treated like we were treated I can understand why.  

Frank McLaughlin