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Kaasboer of De Wouwer

McLaughlin Lofts has concentrated the very best bloodlines of the Kaasboer, Gaston De Wouwer. Study the pedigrees of our below seven Kaasboer breeders and notice they are bred from the brothers and sisters to the most impactful Kaasboer pigeons.  One of McLaughlin Lofts Kaasboer breeders is the uncle to 2nd National Ace of Belgium along with 2nd. National Bourges 33,524 pigeons. 

The below seven pigeons have the elite genes of the very select Gaston De Wouwer Kaasboer Pigeons.  The Kaasboer pigeons have had endless major results for numerous lofts over the world.  National Ace Pigeons, 1st National Winners, 1st Major One Lofts Races and numerous top positions in the Million Dollar Race in South Africa!  Add some Kassboer Genetics to your breeding program.  McLaughlin Lofts decided to do the same.

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Below are the McLaughlin Lofts Kaasboer Pigeons Bred from Brothers and Sister to the most recent Gaston De Wouwer Kaasboer champions including brothers and sisters to the 1st National Winners 'Kim'' and 'Laura'.  Do not be late to the party to add the Kaasboer bloodline of Gaston De Wouwer.  As usual McLaughlin Lofts owns the very iron of the Kaasboer line.  We will be inbreeding our Kaasboer pigeons late spring 2016.  Please pre-order now for the highest quality Kaasboer pigeons in the US.  2016 Youngsters from the below pigeons.  Again the finest genetics at the top price from McLaughlin Lofts.

Belg 14 6246840

Son to 'Superbreeder 098' bred to a Full sister to 1st Nat. 'Laura' 17,061 pigeons.

Belg 14 6246832

Full brother to 'Kim' 1st National Gueret bred to the super breeder 'Beauty Gaston'

Belg 14 6246829

Full brother to 1st Nat. 'Kim' bred to Full sister to 1st Nat. 'Laura' 17,061 pigeons

Belg 14 6246807

Son of 'Super Breeder 098' bred to Full sister to 'Laura', 1st Nat. Bourges 17,061 pigeons

NL 14 1908005

Heavy inbred to Kaasboer with Kaasboer in the pedigree 5 times and all the super breeders.

GB 13 P 04570 
​and GP 14 P32244 (Full brothers - see below) 04570 bred one of our top racers 2016-17. We bought P32244 to add to the 2018 breeding team.

Bred from a full sister to 1st National "Laura."  

Belg 13 9029245

Bred from a Full brother to 'Laura', sire is the Casaert superbreeder "Kash.".

Belg 16 2289615

Grandson to Kaasboer. Dam is a full sister to 1st National "Kim." Half brother bred 1st National Chateuroux 14,000 pigeons.