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McLaughlin Lofts owns four Leo Heremans pigeons that are full brothers and sister to 1st National Ace of All Holland 2013!  See Result below and notice NL 12 1611519 (photo below) is on top!  See this amazing hens results and article from 2013 and the start of 2014 old birds. Click Here
See the pedigree of  National Ace Stephanie. Here
See Stephanie with her Olympiad Title (photo below).

Many lofts may own Heremans pigeons but McLaughlin Lofts owns four siblings to the top racing pigeon in Holland winning 1st National Ace and 1st Olympiad pigeon... Stephanie. For more information on Heremans pigeons:​  Click Here

The world has been taken by storm recently with the remarkable success of the Leo Heremans pigeons formerly know as Heremans-Ceusters.  These new diamonds of the sport were created by the diamond cutter himself Leo Heremans.  Leo Heremans raced short and middle distance in the same region Staf Van Reet became world famous.  The town of Vorsselaar sits in the center of the most highly competitive region of Belgium for sprint and middle distance racing.

When we visited Belgium the summer of 2013 our main goal was to obtain the Jos Joosen pigeons and the Hereman - Ceusters pigeons.  Like all the families of pigeons we decide to invest in, the pigeons must not only win for the owner and creator but for nearly everyone that touches the bloodline.  The Leo Heremans racing pigeons have become the pigeons to beat everywhere they go.  Seems like no matter where you look you will see Hereman Ceusters in the pedigree of the top middle distance winners in Europe.  For pigeons to become so hot so fast can only lead to the obvious.  They are really that good.

As usual McLaughlin Lofts did not want any Heremans (Heremans-Ceusters) pigeons.  We wanted as close to the very best of the entire family.  Now once we found the very best of the entire family we also wanted brothers and sisters to National Ace Pigeons.  Bloodlines are great but performance combined with the top bloodlines are even better.

We proceeded to buy eleven Heremans pigeons with four being brothers and sister to major winners and full brothers and sister to 1st National Ace of Holland.  See Result below.

To learn more about the Leo Heremans Pigeons please read through the Catalog of his final sale. In the Catalog please notice the most famous and successful pigeons in the pedigrees of our pigeons.  Safier, Brother Safier, The New Dream Pair, New Rossi and Eenoogski, Brother Eenoogski, Mother Dubbel Aske (Mother Double Ace), The Favorite Pair, Olympiad, Ingo, Jan Jr., De Power, Gebroken Poot, (The Broken Foot), Nieuwe Olympiad and De Rigi to name a few.  In the catalog you can see the pictures and results of these great pigeons.  In our pedigrees you can see these great pigeons and their concentrated genetics.  

Pay special Attention to the brother & sister 1232479, 1232480 as well as the two cocks we added in 2014, 1054577 and 1054578.  All four are full brothers and sister to 1st Olympiad & 1st National Ace Stephanie. The very cream of the Heremans pigeons now reside at McLaughlin Lofts along with four siblings to the best racing Heremans pigeon in Europe the last two years.  Below are the pedigrees and Photos of our Heremans pigeons. Do any other Heremans pigeons in the US Compare?  Hard to find better anywhere!  Please keep in mind they were photographed as young pigeons.  They will not show their true beauty until they mature.  Even as young pigeons they are still outstanding. The young we raised in 2014 were impeccable.   
NL 13 1232532     
NL 13 1232557      
NL 13 1232479    Full brother to 1st National Ace of Holland  Stephanie
NL 13 1232480    Full sister to 1st National Ace of Holland
NL 13 1232558  
NL 13 1232560    
NL 13 1232561    
NL 13 1232562    
NL 13 1232573    
NL 14 1054577     Full brother to 1st National Ace of Holland
NL 14 1054578     Full brother to 1st National Ace of Holland

Here is the break down of each of our Leo Heremans Pigeons.  See how well they are bred and all the incredible results.  Click Here.  You do not want to miss this!

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