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Each year I travel abroad and look for the best pigeons in the world.  I have been to every big name and many of the unknowns that win huge in Europe.  My policy has always been to find a loft with remarkable quality and even a more spectacular racingrecord.  The pigeons then must win for everyone that touches them.  At this point I am willing to make a major investment.

Many of the big Belgian names that are legends in America have mediocre pigeons and poor racing records.  Where do the top racing lofts in Belgium go to buy their stock? This is a question I always ask.  Let me make something clear.  When a Belgian fancier is a multi millionaire and has a passion to win at pigeon racing, he will spare no expense.  What do you think the top Belgians do?  Go to mediocre lofts to improve their stock?   They go to the source!  The man to beat, the one who possesses those golden genes that runs through the veins of his pigeons.

Often I am asked why not seek out a little fancier that has a big record and buy his top pigeons?  If this little flyer has those golden pigeons and he is not a rich man, he will not have them for long.  The big lofts are buying these champion pigeons before the race is even figured.

It takes a lot to impress me!  I have seen the best pigeons alive and have standards that are so very high.  The thought of accepting anything but the total package is just not an option.  By the total package I mean perfect balance, muscle, conformation, feather, eye and most of all an unbelievable racing record in major competition.  This must be combined with generations of champions in the pedigree and a prepotency that will continue for generations to come.

In 1994, Silvere Toye showed me a pigeon he bought called "Invincible Montaubon". The cock was 1st National by 20 minutes after 7 days in the basket for a fancier who entered only one pigeon in the race.  Come to find out some of the biggest names in the sport were buying their pigeons from this champion fancier, his name, Maurice Casaert. Casaert bred and flew “Invincible Montaubon”.  Needless to say I bought a daughter (“Elle”) from the "Invincible Montaubon" in 1994.  She was a fabulous breeder!  Wean four for the young bird team and you finish the season with four.  They fly to the top every week at all speeds and cannot be lost, ever.    

Now I waited and watched for a couple years.  To make a major investment in pigeons, they will have to be that good.  I wanted to see if others were winning significant races with the Casaert pigeons.

Silvere Toye back then was possibly the best all around pigeon racer in the world. The main reason, Casaert pigeons, Gaby Vandenabele uses Casaert pigeons, Van Steenkiste uses Casaert pigeons.  Where were all the Belgian champions going for their pigeons?  “Maurice Casaert”.  I had an interesting conversation with the owner of one the top racing pigeon lofts in the world.  His questions to me was “Did you see that ‘Invincible Montaubon’ cock when you were at Toye’s”?  My response was ‘yes’ and he is one of the top pigeons I have ever seen.  This champion Belgian said he would be ordering a hen  to breed to his best cock. 

In 1998, 1999 and 2000, I spared no expense and bought Maurice Casaert pigeons from his entire stud of champion breeders and racers.  Two of the best five pigeons I ever handled were brothers bred by Maurice Casaert.  The two brothers and possibly the top breeding pigeons in Belgium back then were the “Bronze” and “Invincible Montaubon”.  McLaughlin Lofts has owned children from all the stars and they are remarkable. Our Casaert pigeons have won every possible National Award, One Lofts Races in big competition, AU Convention and New England Opens.

Maurice Casaert kept 12 pair of stock birds and wins big at the National level.  The Casaert pigeons are the most muscular 200 to 450 mile pigeons I have ever witnessed.  They dominate as young birds as well as old birds.  Casaert bred and raced the top young bird in Belgium, champion “Lemond”.  The following year he bred and raced the top two young birds in Belgium.  “Lemond is a son from “Jeune Cousu”, the number two Casaert breeder. The Casaert pigeons I imported were even finer than imagined!  In 1998 Maurice Casaert was #1 Middle Distance Loft of all Belgium.  Also in 1998, Casaert won, Ace young bird of all Belgium with a son from “Bronze”. Bronze was Casaert’s number one breeder, and the incredible brother to “Invincible Montaubon”.

The Casaert pigeons are an inbred family, bred down from the top Borgman and Jef Deseyn pigeons. The Borgmans are the worlds finest Van Loon/Janssens.  They were bred back onto to best of Jef Deseyn from the loft of Deseyn-Meulebroucke in Vichte.  The late Jef Deseyn won 1stNational Limoges with a pigeon called “Limoges” and 1st. National Narbonne in 1987.  Maurice Casaert’s foundation hen, “The Belle Deseyn” (dam to “Invincible Montaubon” and “Bronze”) was from “Limoges” mated to a sister from the winner of 1st. National Narbonne.  “Limoges” has a full brother known as “King Sildra” raced only as a yearling was 7th. National Limoges, 17,670 birds and 5th. Poiters  3552 birds.  This ‘Limoges’ was purchased by Vandenabeele at the final sale of Jef Deseyn.  You will see Limoges in many Gaby pedigrees.

In the book "Champions Reveal" by Victor Vansalen, Dr. Lemahieu makes the statement,“anyone wanting to check out a pigeon with an excellent set of muscles should try to hold a Casaert bird”.  This book has an in depth chapter on this remarkable family of pigeons.  The book includes his methods and pictures as well as what many fanciers try to hide, many years worth of race results. 

We bought multiple children of all the Casaert champion breeders and aces.  ‘Invincible Montaubon’ (3 children), ‘Nocturne’(3), ‘Bronze’(5 children) the number one breeder, ‘Limoges King’ and ‘Arcadia’  the sire and dam to ‘Nasdaq’ 1st  Souillac National winner, 7/2000 , ‘King Sildra’, ‘Jeune Cousu’ (2) the number two breeder, ‘Le Patte Cassee’ and ‘La Souterraine’.  Plus we bought from ‘Friteuse’ (2), ‘Phoenix’ (2), ‘Grenade’ (2), ‘The 33 (2) and ‘Ringoletto’ (2) and direct from 1st National ‘Nasdaq’.. 

We could not resist and bought the famous son of Bronze called Phoenix. 

Having one of the richest and purest stock lofts of Casaert pigeons in the world we plan to give the sport the opportunity to forge ahead with some of the finest racing pigeons that exist in America well as Belgium today.  This is an opportunity to breed a family of pigeons that will leave a mark on the sport for many years to come.

Our visitors that have had the chance to handle our Casaert pigeons were serious Casaert fans when they left.  All muscle, medium sized cork like bodies and the most incredible supple feather possible.

Casaert sold all his old pigeons several years back and started again with late breds and youngsters.  This past old bird season (2012) in Belgium Casaert won 1st National Bourges 37,444 pigeons down from all his old breeders that we own direct children from.  Later in the season Casaert won 1st National Argenton 26,133 pigeons with all his old line crossed onto De Rauw Sablon.

If you are looking for a special cross try a Casaert pigeon.  You may quickly realize why so many here in the US do not want you to know what they are dominating with! 

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Pedigrees on a few of our Top Casaert Breeders!
McLofts 06 501 'Mo'                                McLofts 06 533 'Greg'
McLofts 08 1964 'Ashton'                     McLofts 08 1931 'The Dark Hen' 
McLofts 06 158                                            McLofts 06 399

Pedigrees on a few more of our Top Casaert Breeders!
McLofts 04 4299  'All Set'                      McLofts 08 1968
McLofts 08 1707                                         McLofts 09 2323

McLofts 06 94                                               McLofts 05 5496
McLofts 06 171                                            Ply 11 6 DC Hen                                  
Pedigrees on a few of our old Breeders and still going strong in 2012!
Belg 00 9177590
Worse 99 287
Belg 02 9165234
Belg 99 3120646
FRBB 01 489

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