Partner with McLaughlin

Partner With McLaughlin Lofts to Win the South African Million Dollar Race!

McLaughlin Lofts has spent a fortune recently buying the best possible pigeons that can win the South African Million Dollar Race.  This race is our goal and we enjoy this race more than any other event in the sport.

  • If you would like us to breed your team for the Million Dollar Pigeon Race, we will do this at no charge.  
  • You pay the entry fees and receive the prize money we receive the accolades for breeding the winner. 
  • If one of the pigeons on your team wins the Million Dollar Race, McLaughlin Lofts will give you a full sibling to the winner at no charge.
  • Every pigeon on your team must be activated for the 1st. Car Race.  All Refunds and Free Entries will belong to you.  You can use this as you wish the following year.
  • We will pay all export costs to send the team to South Africa.  We will also handle all wire transfers at no additional costs.
  • Teams can be listed on race result as McLaughlin-Smith 
  •  Following the results on the Website is the most fun you can have racing pigeons.

Contact Frank at McLaughlin Lofts:

Frank McLaughlin

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