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Short Articles by Frank

Below are short articles written by me over the last couple years. Hope you enjoy and gain a few pearls of wisdom to apply to your own pigeons.  Frank McLaughlin:

Tim Atkin Rugby England

Added December 12, 2019

Can Experiences Be Added to DNA

Added September 12, 2019

Moving to All Natural Super Health

Added  March 2 2018

Million Dollar Final Race 2017

Added March 22, 2017

USA Wins 2016 South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race

Added February 11, 2016

Antibiotic Free Racing and Breeding at McLaughlin Lofts

Added November 29,  2015

Million Dollar Trip Article and Picture 2015  

Young Bird Sickness...The Big Three!

Added August 5, 2014

A Cautionary Tale...McLaughlin vs. The Barn Lady

Added August 13, 2014

Pigeon Photography... The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Added September 14, 2013

Two Hours to Everywhere... Belgium and Holland July 2013

An Immune System is a Terrible thing to Waste

Added July 14, 2013

South African Million Dollar Race 2013 Final Race Write-up and Wrap-up

Breed From Crosses

Common Sense and Pigeons

How Many Rounds are too Many?

Common error at Weaning

Are your pigeons too heavy for the Races?

How quickly we forget

The Art of Selection

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