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January 27th 2018

Million Update & Last Chance to Activate!

​South African Million Dollar Final Race February 3rd!

On Monday a list of reserve pigeons not entered by their owners will be made available to the public to enter on a first come first served basis without exception. If you are interested in having a pigeon in the race please consider one of the 50 USA pigeons available.  Many of these are excellent pigeons,.  My suggestion would be to select a pigeon that has been steady flying in the middle of the pack.  Preferably a pigeon that has spent a night out.  For those of us that enter yearly, we understand there is no correlation between pigeons that do well in the short races and the pigeons that score in the final race.  One thing I know for sure is that some of these unpaid reserve pigeons will fly in the prizes.  Would not surprise me if the winner is in the group. I cared for these pigeons before exporting to the Million Dollar and you will have a chance at first place by activating any one of them.

Two weeks after the final race the top 50 pigeons will be auctioned.  The race will place an auction application on the website to be filled out before you can bid.  Every pigeon that returns home from the final will be auctioned over the next couple months.  There will be many super pigeons available.  I must say any pigeon that finishes this race series is a very good pigeon.  

The last three Hot Spot Car Races had some fine USA performances.  The highlight had to be Kenny Rhodes winning Hot Spot Car Race 5 with his pigeon Blue Ball Charlie.  This is Kenny Rhodes second Car Race win this season.  Congratulations Kenny, what a super season!.

Some of the prize winners in Hot Spot Car Race 3, 4 and 5 are below:
Radito-Chuck-Jojo, Locante-Cass, Ganus Family Loft, Si Se Puede Farm (Robert Martin), Alina Patru, Bieu Tran, Ganus Family Loft, Gordon Meng, Flying Pilgrims, and La Sala Syndicate (bred by McLaughlin Lofts)

The top USA Hot Spot Car Race Average bird is at 6th Place bred by Ganus Family Loft followed by Si Se Puede Farm (Robert Martin) and Quest Syndicate .

The top USA Grand Average Pigeons going into the last week are Ganus Family Loft, Ganus Family Loft and Kirchner - Rhodes

It is very exciting to have a pigeon at the top of the averages going into the final race.  It is also a bit disheartening that rarely if ever does a leading Grand Average Pigeon or top Hot Spot Average Pigeon score high in the final.  In some cases a pigeon sitting about 100th in the grand averages, going into the final race will win the Grand Averages.  

The final race at the Million Dollar is another animal all together.  Kind of like letting Marathoners compete in 5K and 10K races.  The short distance runners will win nearly every time.  Now let the 5K and 10K racers run in a marathon.  The Marathon runners will win the marathon.  

Everything leading up to the final race in the Million Dollar is just for our entertainment.  We all have fun following along. The Final Race is the South African Million Dollar and one week from today another name will be etched into the History of the Sport.

Best of luck to everyone and please Activate all your Reserves so you can sleep well going into the final.

Frank McLaughlin
McLaughlin Lofts

January 10, 2018

McLaughlin Lofts New Orleans Auction/Seminar January 13th  

Million Dollar Hot Spot Car Races 1 & 2
McLaughlin Lofts Greater New Orleans Combine Auction and Seminar is January 13th. Showcasing pigeons bred from our very best and the highest possible quality posted on Ipigeon. Jos Joosen, Kaasboer, Hebberecht, Staf Van Reet, Ivo Renders, Leo Heremans, Half sister to "The Freak," Engels, Jellema and Geerinckx, along with several top imports. Click on the link for more info:

Seminar Start Time: 10:30 am
JANUARY 13, 2018 

CONTACT: Tom Wesner with any other event information (504-575-4884 cell) or Vick Corso (985-960-7555)

Car Race 1

The South African Million Dollar Race is speeding along and the excitement has been building. The first Hot Spot Car Race displayed USA dominance with Kirchner- Rhodes winning the car ($15,000) with their pigeon, "Jacobs Ladder." This marks the second Car Race winner bred by the sire of Jacobs Ladder. Other USA lofts in the prizes are Emily and Brito Loft at 2nd place, Kenny Rhodes at 4th place, my son Landon McLaughlin at 6th place, Ken Chhi at 7th place, "It's About Time-Galaxy" (Saxton-Hatcher) at 10th place, and Ceyx Loft at 19th place.

Car Race 2
The second Car Race was also a good headwind race. The first USA pigeon at 2nd place was "Arctic Blast": bred by Tim Macken. Winning 11th place was "Mig 28" (Christian Buzilla), and at 15th place, we find Crazy Al and Carlton Kroese. At 18th place was Gibara Loft.    

As of today, January 10th, the top USA Grand Average Pigeon is at 3rd place, bred by Bruce Lattimer.

Top USA Hot Spot Car Race Average Pigeon is "Flying Pilgrims" (Florichel Paladiy) at 7th place.

Top Canadian Grand Average Pigeon at 58th place is Van Heerden Kruger Loft.

Top Canadian Car Race Average Pigeon at 5th place, bred by Furlano and Rotiroti

Keep in mind. only PAID pigeons can win prizes. and the pigeons are road trained six days per week but, only, Wednesday and Saturday's results are posted. 

Hope everyone is having fun enjoying the world's greatest one loft race!

December 21st 2017

Million Dollar Race Car Race 1,  Saturday December 23rd

Hello Everyone,

On Saturday we have the South African Million Dollar Hot Spot Car Race #1.  As most of you know only paid pigeons can win prizes.  Do not be left out.  Any pigeon at this point is a good pigeon and has an excellent chance at success.  The entrants have until midnight Friday December 22nd to pay for the pigeons to be eligible for the Car Race.  There are nearly 300 USA pigeons that are not entered (paid) at this point.  If you plan to enter the pigeon for the final race please consider entering now and be able to sleep well while enjoying all five Car Races.

If you would like to activate your reserve/backup pigeon please send $1100 per pigeon to the Million Dollar using Paypal or use the wiring instructions below. Please email a copy of the paid receipt to and I will notify the race.

Remember, only entered, that is pigeons that the entry fee has been paid for, qualify for prizes in any of the run up competitions in the Hot Spot Car Races.

Do not wait, enter your reserve pigeons now, you can't loose. Should a paid reserve go missing and not return, and there is no replacement available, $1000 of the entry fee is refunded after the main race provided it has not won any prize money.

Also, remember that for the Knock Out Competition Round One, only entered pigeons that are BASKETED for the first Hot Spot Car Race qualify for this competition.  There are 112 paid prizes paid over the next five Car Races.  
Five Hot Spot Car Races each carrying prizes of:

A motor vehicle ($15,000) and 19 prizes of $1100
Two Pigeon Challenge - $2 000
Three Pigeon Challenge - $3 000

Hot Spot Ace Pigeon - $5 000

Knock Out Competition - $25 000

Paypal to

Wire to:
Banking details
Account Name: Air Sport Internationale SA
Bank: UBS SA, Geneva 
Account: 240-752568.60D 
IBAN: CH94 0024 0240 7525 6860 D
Bank Address
PO Box 2600
1211 Geneva 2
35 Rue des Noisette

McLaughlin Lofts would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Successful 2018!

December 4, 2017

South African Million Dollar Car Race 1  12-23

Hello Everyone,

On Saturday, December 23rd, the Million Dollar Race will have the first Car Race of the season. Only paid pigeons are eligible to win prizes, so you should pay for backup/reserve pigeons NO LATER than December 22nd. The entry fee for each backup pigeon is $1,100. If your reserve pigeon(s) is not paid by Hot Spot Car Race 1, the bird will not be eligible for the Knockout Competition, two bird challenge, three bird challenge or the Car Race Averages!

There really is nothing to lose by activating your backup/reserve pigeons. Should your paid backup bird get lost before the final race, you will receive a $1,000 refund, unless the bird already won a $1,100 prize or more..

For a link to the Prize Money Click Here

Any remaining pigeon in the Million Dollar Race has a chance at winning. Again, there is little to lose by paying for all remaining reserve pigeons by the December 22nd deadline. Please send $1,100 for each pigeon to me, and I will wire the money over for you as a courtesy. 

The December training scheduled has been posted on

Many of you have have been asking about the Nomination Races and the Country Challenge. Any pigeon in your account can be placed into the Nomination Races. Nomination is what we call "Pooling" here in the USA. You will be able to add dollars to you account for the Nominations via Paypal. Once you are in your nomination account, click to move dollars from the main account and click again to place your pigeons in any category. Every pigeon and every prize is listed and fully transparent. I usually play in the Global Nomination against the world or you can play again ONLY the USA or both!  In 2016, the Nominations paid out $546,279.70. 

For more information on the Country Challenge Click Here

Everyone is welcome to send me a check, and I will be happy to transfer the money for the nomination races into your account.

The Final Race will be held on Saturday February 3, 2018. All the entrants are in for the best Roller Coaster Racing Season our sport has ever known! 

Buckle Up and enjoy the Ride!  

October 27th 2017

Let the Games Begin!

The South African Million Dollar Season has begun.  The first Loft List has been published but you must be an entrant to log in and view this list.  If you need your login details, please email me and I will ask the race to provide them to you. If any entry fees are owed to the Million Dollar, the pigeons will be hidden from the loft list. All pigeons continue with the settling and training process.  Quite amazing the job the loft managers and trainers do with these pigeons at the Million Dollar. 

Read The Latest News by 
Clicking Here

To watch an amazing Video of the pigeons during the settling process 
Click Here

For more information, pictures and regular updates follow me on Facebook
 Click Here

There is nothing for the entrants to do at this point but watch and enjoy. Soon training will begin and the information from the Million Dollar will be endless. Later this fall I will encourage everyone to activate their reserve/backup pigeons because only paid pigeons can win prizes in the race series.

If you have any questions please email me at

Until Next Time,  Frank McLaughlin

September 8, 2017

2018 Million Dollar Pigeon Race

Great News! On both Tuesday and Wednesday nights, the pigeons at McLaughlin Lofts were exported to South Africa. They went from our flight pens to the racing lofts in 27 hours. We received the news that the health and condition of the pigeons are extraordinary! With that said, there is no reason we cannot expect continued US domination of the pigeons shipped from McLaughlin Lofts to South Africa!

Two years ago, we shipped to South Africa on August 26th. This was several months after the rest of the world. I must admit, I was concerned that the results would be less than desirable. I decided to call Tony Melucci, “Pigeon God,” and ask if he felt that these pigeons, many of which were already nine months old, would have a chance in the Million Dollar Race series? Tony said…”Of course they will succeed, if they are good!”

This group proceeded to dominate from the first car race throughout the final race. I truly believe that the birds shipped this week were the most outstanding group of pigeons I have ever shipped to South Africa!

I would like to express my gratitude for the patience and support I received during this lengthy and stressful process. Throughout these months of preparation, dealing with government regulations and ever-changing conditions, I never lost faith.

I would like to personally thank so many of you but, most importantly, my wife Robin, my brother Dan, my father and mother, as well as my assistant Meredith. I would also like to thank all the local fanciers, who stepped up two nights in a row, to help load the birds for their trip to South Africa.

I hope you enjoy some pictures of the basketing process. We were able to load 900 pigeons in two hours...two nights in a row!

August 3rd 2017

Hello Everyone,

I appreciate all the support as I work daily with the USDA, The South African Department of Agriculture and the Million Dollar Race to export the pigeons to the race.  The process has been slow and steady to create a permit for my export.

Like in 2015 when the pigeons were exported August 26th, we have been doing everything possible with to facilitate the export. The USA will be defending the title of for the third year in a row!  

With exporting, nothing is easy and each year has its own set of difficulties.  As of today the conditions on my permit are being finalized.  We hope to have the physical permit in hand early next week so I can proceed with the export.  No one will work harder for you or your pigeons.

Thank you for your patience and I expect the pigeons here to be hugely successful and maybe even top the results of the pigeons McLaughlin Lofts shipped the last three years.  

I will have an update next week,

Frank McLaughlin

* Million Dollar Race Shipments 2 and 3
* Ship to me so they arrive between June 5th - June 17th.

Hello Everyone,

We have received great news from South Africa! The South African Million Dollar Race has received approval to use the Race Loft as the quarantine loft, and The South African Government is in the process of issuing permits.  My export permits are a priority.

I will collect pigeons for two weeks starting June 5th and ending through June 17th. These pigeons will travel in one group and be the last shipment going to South Africa this year.  If you want to enter the Million Dollar Race, please keep in mind that I will need your pigeons NO later than June 17th. The South African Department of Agriculture has removed my 600 bird limit per shipment, so please plan on entering the Greatest One Loft Race our Sport has ever known. This is the most entertainment you can have racing pigeons!

Please forward this information to your friends that may be considering entering the Million Dollar.

You are welcome to send three or four bird teams.  For more info on entering 
Click Here

If you have stronger youngsters, it is better to send them. The race will not have any issue settling the birds.  Pull a team from your young bird loft and have some fun!

McLaughlin Lofts will give you the best chance to win!  We have shipped the winner two years in a row and hope to make it to three years!  Before export, the care your pigeons will receive at McLaughlin Lofts will be second to none!

Due to the high volume of calls and texts, please email with any questions or concerns.

The pigeons here that are going in Shipment 1 are in excellent health and condition. Expect a dominating year from the USA!

Thank you for all your patience while we worked out this export,

Frank McLaughlin

Million Dollar Shipping Update - May 19, 2017!

If exporting was easy, then everybody would do it! As of May 19, 2017, the South African Government has yet to issue export permits to any country in the world. Right now, I am working closely with the USDA and the South African Government to expedite my permits. As a result, shipments from ALL countries around the globe are delayed.

With that said, please HOLD your pigeons at your lofts until I am ready to send Shipment 2, which I expect to collect approximately the week of June 5, 2017. Once I am able to start receiving pigeons for Shipment 2, I will advise everybody via newsletter.

Again, please hold your pigeons at your loft until I am ready. However, if you are unable to continue holding your birds, please email me to discuss, and we can work something out here.

McLaughlin Lofts shipped the winner two years in a row and will give you the best chance to win this race! The pigeons that are already here and going in my first shipment, look like pigeon diamonds!
As you can imagine, this is a very busy time of year, and I can barely keep up with all the phone calls! Please try to email or text with questions, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you,
Frank McLaughlin

USA Wins 2017 Million Dollar Race

* To Read Article on Tom Schilling's win, our trip to South Africa and Season Highlights: Click Here

* To Enter the Million Dollar Pigeon Race: Click Here  
* To View the South African Million Dollar Race website: 
Click Here

GREAT NEWS! 4 Bird Teams coming this year!

McLaughlin Lofts shipping Instructions: Spring 2017

McLaughlin Lofts will export three shipments to South Africa (May 15th, June 5th andJune 27th) to the New Million Dollar Lofts. i guarantee that nobody else will do a better job or give you a greater chance to succeed in the Million Dollar Race. Please end pigeons several weeks before planned export date! New for this year, 4 bird Teams!

May and June are cool months in Massachusetts. This is advantageous for receiving and exporting pigeons!

In 2016 for the 2017 race, McLaughlin Lofts shipped the 1st Place winner of the Million Dollar Race for the 2nd year in a row, including nearly every possible prize winner! USA dominated the 2016-2017 season again, due to pigeons that passed through the hands of Frank McLaughlin.

In 2015-2016 we exported EVERY pigeon, and USA out-flew the world, including winning 1st Place!

In 2014-2015, McLaughlin Lofts exported every possible prize winner (100%) leading up to the final race and all the top ​USA and Canadian pigeons in the final race or 94% of the prize winners in the final race.

For endless information on the Million Dollar Race, trip pictures and all my email updates from this past season, etc., please go to my website:

Prior to sending the pigeons to me, please vaccinate for Paramyxovirus (PMV). I will also vaccinate for PMV. The pigeons will also be vaccinated for PMV, Salmonella and Pox in South Africa. I will keep you updated during the entire season, plus contact you immediately with all race info and upcoming deadlines. I will provide race insight and give recognition to the top lofts in each Car Race result. Ship your pigeons to McLaughlin Lofts now. Even if your pigeons are lost in SA, you won't lose!

New... 4 bird teams! Export cost is $180 ($45 a pigeon). The entry fee for the Million Dollar Race is $1,100 for each 4-bird team, which includes 1 entry and 3 backups!  Please send the $1,280 (export and entry fee) for each team, along with the pigeons, and I will wire the fees over at NO cost to you!  Make checks payable to: Frank McLaughlin and ship pigeons to:
 395 Whitman St. Hanson Massachusetts 02341.
Tel. (781) 820-8327.

​​Pre-Race Update - February 7, 2017

* Million Dollar Final Race, February 8th 2017
* Million Dollar Top 50 Auction, changed to February 25th 2017

Hello Everyone,

We returned home from South Africa last night and had one outstanding trip.  In the next week I will send out a complete trip update, race analysis and pictures of the event. As many of you already know the race was postponed until tomorrow (February 8th) due to rain along the entire course.  The Million Dollar Race did what was best for the pigeons and all the entrants.  I am very proud of this decision.

I was lucky to assist with basketing and handled maybe 100 pigeons. I walked them through the scanning process, wing stamp and band covering etc. I handled approximately 30 USA and two Canadian pigeons and every pigeon had a full wing, great form and health.  Very excited for a big final race result.  

The South Africa Million Dollar is the pinnacle of our racing pigeon sport.  If you are a football fan this is the Superbowl, a golf fan, the Masters, baseball, the World Series and soccer, the World Cup.  It takes guts to compete on the world stage and I want to congratulate everyone in advance for participating in the Million Dollar Race.  McLaughlin Lofts starts exporting for 2018 on May 15th.

The final race will be shown Live at   The Million Dollar Race is seven hours ahead of east coast time.  

Top 50 Auction
In the past the Top 100 Auction was held the day after the final race.  This year the Top 100 Auction is now the Top 50 auction and this auction will take place on February 25th.  There is no rush this year because we have plenty of time to set up your account so you can bid on the pigeons.

If you would like to bid in any of the auctions (all returning pigeons are sold) you must fill out Auction Application form and fax to the Million Dollar or scan and email to me.   You can find this form on the bottom right of the front page of the website  

I wish all the entrants the very best of luck in the Million Dollar Race.  Scoring in the top 300 is outstanding and scoring in the top 100 is a major racing pigeon accomplishment. 

Race day is crazy busy for me so I will do my best to assist everyone.  Email any questions.

Best of Luck to All,
Frank McLaughlin  

Car Race 5 2017 - January 25, 2017

Activate All Reserves Now
Million Dollar Car Race 4
Million Dollar Car Race 5
Auction Application for Sunday, February 5, 2017
Important Announcement!

Hello Everyone,

The season has literally flown by and the South African Million Dollar Final Race will take place on February 4th!  Anyone who wants to have a pigeon in the race should plan to buy from the list available on Monday, January 30th. Do not worry about past performance, as the final race is entirely different than all the training and Car Races. Many of the front flyers will not be able to fly nine hours into headwinds and heat. Therefore, the advantage for the final race will go to pigeons with many hours on the wing, pigeons that had adversity and, many times, a bird that was out throughout the night. At this time, there are 57 USA and Canadian pigeons not entered. Many more will also be available Monday. My suggestion would be to grab them as quickly as possible since, chances are, the winner and many top finishers will be in this group.  

If you have any unpaid pigeons on your team, please pay for them immediately!  Interesting story. Several years ago, there was ONLY one Dutch pigeon not activated for the final. This unpaid reserve was the FIRST pigeon home on the final and the 200K, however, the actual win went to the pigeon that arrived second. Email me with your plans by Thursday night, as I leave for South Africa early Friday, January 27th and will not be able to help you activate pigeons after Thursday.

There are several USA entrants that never paid the initial entry fee, and a couple of these pigeons are flying very well. Unfortunately, these pigeons will forever be hidden and unavailable for anyone to enter, other than the breeder. There is a misconception that these pigeons will be on the list and available to the public. However, they will remain as defaulters.  

Hot Spot Car Race 4 
Sadly, this Car Race was a huge disappointment for a hot USA team. The USA had five pigeons in the prizes with Ganus Family Loft, having the first USA pigeon. The highlight was Richard Martin, with Si Se Puede Loft, scoring in the prizes and winning the 2 Bird and 3 Bird challenge. These wins gave him a total of $6100 in prize money to his account. Congratulations! The first Canadian pigeon belonged to Leon Jansz. Nice Job.

Hot Spot Car Race 5
This past Saturday we had the final Car Race in strong headwinds. There were 2,802 pigeons competing at 208 miles. The first American pigeon at 2nd overall, belonged to Quest Any Given Day, bred by Philip Roberson. Additionally, this pigeon won a Car Race prize in Car Race 4. USA had 10 pigeons in the top 20, which took 50% of the prizes. USA had 18 pigeons in the top 33 positions, which was domination. We are seeing the class of the USA entry going into the final race. The team of Wilfon Rhodes had three in the top 27. Me Fui + Gallo Loft, with their pigeon American Girl, was 6th place and she won Car Race 3. Me Fui + Gallo Loft also won the 2 Bird Challenge, and an additional $2,000! The first Canadian pigeon was bred by Leon Jansz. Again, congratulations to Leon.
Auction of Race Birds on Sunday February 5th
If you would like to bid on the 50 top placement pigeons online, please click on this auction application link. Auction Application Form 2016. Complete the form and fax to Air Sport International Limited at 011 27 11 680 4596. You do not have to be a race entrant to bid on these pigeons. Following the final race, you will be able to bid immediately. In the spring, I will import all the auction pigeons bought by USA and Canadian fanciers, brought back to the USA. Only the top 50 will be sold after the race, and all remaining pigeons will be sold weekly throughout April. The breeder will receive approximately half of the auction sale, once expenses are removed.

Activation of Reserves - IMPORTANT Announcement
Entrants will be given until 10:00 am (Eastern Time) on Friday, January 27, 2017, to activate any of their remaining reserve pigeons. After this time, a list of reserve pigeons, not entered by their owners, will be made available on Monday for the public to enter on a first come first served basis. No exceptions will be made!  As an FYI, once a pigeon is entered by another, it will only be moved back to your account, should there be a need to replace a missing, entered pigeon.

When the list of pigeons for sale goes up, please remember that only entered pigeons can take part in the nomination races. If a member of the public has entered one of your pigeons, he/she are entitled to nominate the pigeon if they wish.

Zandy Meyer Memorial Car Nomination
Once again, we are delighted to run this competition on the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2017!  At a cost of a US $1,000 nomination fee and a new Mercedes SLK up for grabs, for the first prize and cash prizes for the subsequent payouts, this is NOT a competition to be missed!

I want to wish everyone the best of luck in the final race!  Please feel free to email me while I am in South Africa.  Should you win the race, I will call you to find out your plans.

Let us hope for a Back to Back USA Victory!

Frank McLaughlin

Car Race 3 2017 - January 6, 2017

USA Wins 1st and 2nd Million Dollar Hot Spot Car Race 3

With only four weeks to the final race in South Africa the United States continues with another year of excellence in the South African Million Dollar Race.  On Saturday December 31st, 3224 pigeons competed for the Car at a distance of 156 miles.  For the second time in three Car Races the Car Winner was from the USA.  Me Fui + Gallo Loft won with a time of 3 hours and 20 minutes. The winner is owned by the team of Manny Rodriguez and Arthur Vega.  When they say the apple does not fall from the tree, it certainly applies here.  

The sire of the Car Winner was Hot Choco a pigeon that flew 8th in the final race of the Million Dollar in 2011.  Arthur Vega brought over a superstar hen to be bred to Hot Choco and the pair clicked to breed the winner, Hot American Girl.  Congratulations to Manny and Arthur.  This could not have happened to two nicer young and highly successful fanciers in our sport. For a link to the results please Click Here 

The 2nd overall in the Car Race and seconds from the win was a pigeon bred by Steve Sterchi of Sierra Ranch Loft.  Steve entered one three bird team and nearly won the car race.  Congratulations!  The top Canadian pigeon in Car Race 3 was owned by Leon Jansz.  I may be using my crystal ball but I am predicting a big result for Canada in Car Race 4.

Joe Zarachowicz entering a single pigeon on the Toronto Trifecta Futurity Syndicate is leading the Grand Averages.  Quite an accomplishment to have one pigeon go to South Africa and have the pigeon ahead of the best pigeons in the world with one month to go.  The Grand Averages has four USA pigeons in the top 11 positions.  In the Hot Spot Car Race Averages, USA has nine pigeons in the top 20. Very impressive to see so many pigeons to the very front against the worlds best.  To check out the Hot Spot Car Race Averages Click Here  

If you are interested in entering the Greatest One Loft Race in the world, plan to have your youngsters to me from early May through the Middle of June.  I will start accepting pigeons on April 1st.  The Million Dollar is the most fun you can have racing pigeons!  Please jump on the roller coast ride which is the Million Dollar.

Look for the results on Hot Spot Car Race 4 early Sunday January 8th.  

Hope Everyone is having a super start to 2017.   

Frank McLaughlin
McLaughlin Lofts

Car Race 2 2017 - December 23, 2016

* Holiday Wish
* Car Race 2 Million Dollar
* AU and Dixie Southern Conventions

Happy Holidays from everyone at McLaughlin Lofts. May the magic and the wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year.

Car Race 2
On Saturday December 17th the Million Dollar Race liberated 3511 pigeons from 131 miles for Hot Spot Car Race 2. USA had seven pigeons in the prizes, another strong result.  A couple notible accomplishments featured a pigeon named 'Alma' of Ado Family Loft. Alma scored a second car race prize in a row along with McLaughlin Lofts winning car race prizes in the first two Car Races.  

Ado Family Loft also won the 3 Bird Challenge which is the best result for a three bird team in a Car Race. The 3 bird Challenge pocketed Ado an additional $3000.

USA has 12 pigeons in the top 40 of the Grand Averages and 8 pigeons in the top 18 of the Car Race Averages.  This is showing the strength of the USA team but remember there is long way to go before the final race on February 4th 2017. If you have not paid for your backup/reserves please do this as soon as possible because only paid pigeons can win prizes.  

Art McLean had the first Canadian pigeon in Car Race 2.  I expect an impressive showing for the Canadian team in the Final Race.

Recently I attended and was one of the guest speakers at the American Racing Pigeon Union Convention in California and the Dixie Southern Convention in Florida. Both events were first class and it was so much fun to be able to spend time in person with some new and old friends.  I must congratulate Kamal Hindi and his team in California as well as Jay Holder, Josh Guest and Ray Donawa along with their team in Florida for organizing and running outstanding conventions. Hope to see everyone in Arizona and Florida in the fall of 2017.

Spend a peaceful time with your family this holiday season.
Hope you experience the best time ahead.
Enjoy the holidays!

Frank McLaughlin and Family
McLaughlin Lofts

Car Race 1 Results - December 6, 2016

* Million Dollar Hot Spot Car Race 1

* Darrell Bartz-Michael Serrao do it again!

On Saturday December 10th  3532 of the best pigeons in the world flew the South African Million Dollar Hot Spot Car Race 1. This first Car Race was from 101 miles into a strong headwind.  A perfect race to get the actual prize money races started.  USA had eight pigeons in the top 20 each winning an $1100 prize with 1st taking $18K

The winner of the race was the team of Darrell Bartz and Michael Serrao.
The Bartz Serrao team had a remarkable result with a pigeon at 1st and his second bird at 24th with an entry of only three pigeons.  This is the second year in a row that Bartz and Serrao have won a Car Race with a three pigeon entry.  Who says you need to enter a big team for success?  No matter what, the pigeons have to be very good.  Darrell and Michael not only won the Car ($16,000) they also won the two bird challenge for the best two birds on a team.  Bartz Serrao winnings on Saturday came to $18,000.  To view all the results please Click Here

The first Canadian pigeon clocked was owned by Leon Jansz, Congratulations.

In the Milion Dollar Race only paid pigeons can win prizes.  All backups/reserves that are not paid are only racing for positions on the race report.  I encourage everyone to activate the backup pigeons.  Should a paid reserve go missing and not return, and there is no replacement available, $1000 of the entry fee is refunded provided it has not won any prize money.

Car Race 2 is tomorrow Saturday December 17th.  Let us hope the USA roll of success in the Million Dollar continues.  This is by far the most fun you can have racing pigeons against the biggest and most famous names in the sport. I am very proud of the continued success we are all having in the Million Dollar,

Right now I am at the Dixie Southern Racing Pigeon Convention.  Hope to see some of you here.

Best of luck in Car Race 2,
Frank McLaughlin

Car Race Announcement - December 4, 2016

Enter Your Reserve Pigeons Now! 
General Reminder: December 9th Deadline

Hot Spot Car Race

The first Hot Spot Car Race is just around the corner and will take place on December 10th from a distance approximately 93 miles.

Remember, only entered, that is pigeons that the entry fee has been paid for, qualify for any of the run up competitions in the Hot Spot Car Races.  Only paid pigeons can win prizes.

Don't wait, enter your reserve pigeons now, you can't loose. Should a paid reserve go missing and not return, and there is no replacement available, $1000 of the entry fee is refunded provided it has not won any prize money.

Also, remember that for the Knock Out Competition Round One, only entered pigeons that are BASKETED for the first Hot Spot Car Race qualify for this competition.

Please remember to notify the administration of any payments and activations that you do so that they can activate the correct pigeons before the Hot Spot Car Race. You can use a balance in your account but you must instruct the race or Frank McLaughlin to activate the pigeon(s).

If you want to send me a check for $1100 per pigeon, please have the check arrive to Frank McLaughlin 395 Whitman Street Hanson Massachusetts 02341 by December 9th.  

If you want to wire direct to the Million Dollar Race please use the banking instructions below and email me a copy of wire transfer along with pigeons to be activated.  
You can also fax info to the Million Dollar at 011 27 41 22 700 23 49

Banking details:
Account Name: Air Sport Internationale SA
Bank: UBS SA, Geneva 
Account: 240-752568.60D 
IBAN: CH94 0024 0240 7525 6860 D
Bank Address
PO Box 2600
1211 Geneva 2
Air Sport Int. Address
35 Rue des Noisette

Hot Spot Car Race 1 live video feeds of the pigeons arriving will be available. Simply click the link and sit back and wait with us for the pigeons to arrive.

Please remind your friends of the upcoming deadline.  For some reason many do not receive my Newsletters even if they are on the list.  You can also find the Million Dollar Updates on my site.  Click Here

May I take this opportunity to wish all of our entrants the best for the upcoming races.

Frank McLaughlin

November 2016

Let the Games Begin!

1) Million Dollar Race Deadlines, News & Guarantees
2) Hold Back List
3) Partner with McLaughlin Lofts

Hello Everyone,

The most exciting time of the year has begun and we now have Training Races and Races to follow in South Africa.  Unless you are an entrant of the Million Dollar Race you cannot easily understand how exciting it is to check results on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.  To view the results and watch the live video Click Here  Only Entrants can view Loft Lists, Basket Lists and Hold Back Lists but anyone can view Race Results and Averages.  

The first Hot Spot Car Race is December 10th.  Only paid pigeons can win prizes so I suggest everyone pay for their backup pigeons before December 9th. For your pigeon to race for the Car Race Prizes, Car Race Averages, two & three bird challenges and the Knockout Competition it must be paid before liberation on December 10th.  

Please do not wait until the last minute.  Should your paid backup pigeon go missing before the final race you will receive a $1000 refund.  This business model is like no other.  You really have next to nothing to lose to have all your pigeons racing for every possible prize.  If you enter and pay for three pigeons, then three disappear, even the day of shipping of the final race, the race will refund you $2000 and give a free three bird entry for next year.   The worst case is you can race nearly all season, only be out $200 and get to try again next year for free.

I will be wiring weekly to the Million Dollar Race.  Send checks for $1100 for each backup pigeon to Frank McLaughlin 395 Whitman St. Hanson Massachusetts 02341.  To be safe try to have the checks arrive by December 5th.  I will be leaving for the AU Convention on December 7th.  If you have any questions Please email

For entrants that want to try their luck in the Nominations, (Pooling) just log in, click on Nominations, Add funds by Paypal or by transferring from your main account and click click click.  You can pool against your own country or Globally.  Very easy and too much fun. Totally transparent with every pool posted, every bird entered along with all payouts.   

Remember the pigeons train every day but Sunday but there are only two published training tosses each week.

Hold Back List
This year the Million Dollar is offering us more information.  With over 4000 pigeons competing there are always pigeons recovering or behind and not training with the main group.  In this group of Hold Back pigeons we have some that are just receiving a few days off to others that are behind on training for one of many possibilities. The loft managers at the Million Dollar will do everything possible for the pigeons to get them back up to speed in the program. Last year the entire USA entry was behind from the start and dominated from beginning to end. The Million Dollar is all about the final race.  The roller coaster ride to the final is just for our entertainment. 

Held back pigeons are treated as Missing M on accounts as the replacement needs to take its place in the race. They need to be set to missing to avoid entrants nominating (pooling) held back pigeons and to refund them if they have.. The computer program takes care of this. If your pigeon is on the Hold Back List it is in the Recovery Section. 

Partner With McLaughlin Lofts
If you would like to partner on a pigeon or a team of pigeons entered into the Million Dollar Race please email me  We have pigeons in South Africa available bred from our very best pigeons.  

September 15, 2016

  • Million Dollar Pigeons on Ipigeon
  • McLaughlin Lofts Pigeon Store packed with outstanding Pigeons
  • 2017 Million Dollar Race Update
  • Train Them to Fly Not Run

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a very nice summer. For my friends in the southern hemisphere, you must be excited to be finishing winter. All is well here, and I am just as busy as usual, with the Import Business and the Million Dollar Pigeon Race. I sure wish I had more time for racing but, as most of you know, there is only so much time in a day. I believe that anybody can be very competitive with good healthy pigeons, that are trained adequately, with perfect body weight and a good loft. With that said, there is some news that I hope you will enjoy reading in this newsletter.Million Dollar Pigeons on Ipigeon

The second auction of Ipigeon Million Dollar Pigeons ends Sunday. These pigeons look spectacular and are loaded with vitality. If they can finish the Million Dollar Race, they are a good pigeon. These pigeons also have an excellent immune system and have been exposed to many pigeons around the world. This exposure only strengthens their immune system, and these pigeons will pass this immunity to their young. See 

McLaughlin Lofts Pigeon Store Packed with Superstar Pigeons
As some of you may know, I am so busy with everyone else's pigeons, that I do not have time to promote my own pigeons. For the fall, my assistant, Meredith, and I have made a commitment to keep our Pigeon Store stocked with outstanding pigeons! I truly believe these pigeons will make a big difference in anyone's loft and only top quality pigeons will be posted in the Pigeon Store.

As you will notice, the pigeons are much better in person, than in the photographs, as they are in a body molt during this time of the year. I am most definitely not a professional pigeon photographer and would never photo shop a photo in anyway. If you are looking to buy beautiful photographs, you may need to find another breeder. However, if you are looking to buy amazing pigeons, check out the McLaughlin Lofts Pigeon Store.  

Presently in the Pigeon Store, we have two sons to "The Freak", possibly the top hen in the USA. We also have one daughter to "The Dark Hen", our #1 breeding hen, and a full brother to "Cool Dude Michael", who was 15th in the 2016 South African Million Dollar Race. In addition, there are many proven breeders and imports to consider, so you must take a look at the McLaughlin Lofts Pigeon Store.

2017 South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race Update
For those of you who entered the 2017 South African Million Dollar Race, it has been a long summer while waiting to get started. I recently spoke to the Director and, he said the pigeons are settled and doing very well! The pigeons love the new loft and are so excited to be able to go outside and enjoy their South African home.

If anyone wants to join us in South Africa, please find the info here. I highly recommend that you go on a three day Safari before arriving to the Race weekend. Contact Deidre at African Olive Travel Concepts via her email: She will design a trip that works best for you!

Train them to Fly Not Run 
Quite often, pigeons arrive at a training location, and the crates are placed on the ground for 8 to 10 minutes, while waiting to liberate. If you are liberating pigeons from the ground, you are teaching the pigeons to come out of the crates running.

If pigeons come out of the crates running, they will drop to the ground when liberated from a truck. If they are dropping, and then hundreds are also doing the same thing, many will be "pig piled" to the ground.

While I was training my youngsters the other day, I realized that a a particular system I use, may be helpful to others. When liberating, I always liberate off the tail gate of my pickup and use old aluminum shipping crates that I stack on the tail gate. With this technique, my pigeons learn to come out of the crate flying. I reproduce a race liberation every training toss. If you are constantly liberating from the ground, try raising the crates, even if you liberate from two milk crates or off the hood of a car.  

Look for many little advantages to give your pigeons a much better chance of success on race day!

Until Next time,
Frank McLaughin

July 17th 2016

Hi Everyone,

All is well and I am working on getting the payments with the money collected organized and sent to the South African Million Dollar Race. The accounts will be updated soon to reflect these payments.

We can expect pictures of the new lofts in the coming weeks along with a loft list late September early October.  Once the training begins the information will be endless and the fun will begin.

If your pigeons are not listed in your account they will be listed soon.  The race is in the process of updated all the accounts with your pigeons band numbers.  There is a bit of a delay because I did not include all the entry forms with the last shipment over.  

The travel agent working for the Million Dollar Race is putting together some trip options.  I will send this out to all in my newsletter.

I am not sure about the total numbers for the world this year but it looks like USA sent about 1600 pigeons and Canada maybe 125 to 150.  With such health and quality of these pigeons, I expect great things in the upcoming racing season. These pigeons could easily dominate from wire to wire.

Until Next Time,  Frank McLaughlin