“The fastest birds in the world” was the statement made by Piet DeWeerd.  Why is this?  The Van Reet pigeons are terrors up to 350 miles.  The Van Reets race to the front and give everything they have.  Should the race be under 350 miles, into a headwind, the Van Reets break the race wide open.  A tail wind brings record speeds.

How do the Van Reets do it?  My theory is that they have very rapid orientation ability, coupled with an innate aggressiveness that never have I witnessed in any other family of pigeons.  The Van Reets are so packed with vitality that they are continuously moving throughout the loft.  The Van Reets are looking to fight or cause fear in any other pigeon that gets in their path.  This characteristic is exhibited over the race course.

My Van Reets are all from the old line, inbred around the two champion brothers,“Daniel”, winner of 57 firsts and “Dikke Prins”, winner of 26 firsts.  All individual wins and possibly the greatest sprint cocks that ever lived.

This old line is the only line in my Van Reet pigeons.  They are not the crossed out pigeons that are being offered as pure Van Reets in todays market.

If your Van Reets have Meuleman, Grondelaers, Soonjens, Houben or any family crossed in after 1989 you are not dealing with the old line super potent birds.

Do not be fooled!
The old line Van Reets are prepotent for generations.  They just win!  Breed 10 generations and the Van Reets keep that possessiveness coupled with an aggressive crazed demeanor that allows them to win going away.  Passion, Character and theHeart of a Beast!  The Van Reets leave it all on the race course.  Try these superb pigeons and see what it is like to “experience the thrill of pure speed”. 

How many races do you race in a season 350 miles and under?

Cross them and win out through 600 miles!
McLaughlin Lofts houses the finest stud of champion Van Reets in the World!  You may read other lofts claim, we can back this up, check out our stock!  Major winners reported each year from our Van Reets throughout North America and the world! 

Email. Frank@McLaughlinLofts.com

Results: McLaughlin Lofts has always claimed "your pigeons your results".  If you bring in a pigeon from McLaughlin Lofts, you become the owner and the fantastic results are yours not ours. We do not publish your results with our pigeons or try to ride the success of our pigeons in so many lofts around the world.  

Few families in the history of the sport have dominated like our Van Reet pigeons.  Not only do they destroy the competition but they win for new fanciers, old fanciers, all climates, all courses.  Sure we have highlights but the results are too numerous to list.  Some highlights: American Racing Pigeon Union, Multiple Overall Ace Pigeons, Hall of Fame and AU Registered Champions, American Racing Pigeon Union Convention Winner 2012, 1st 600 miles Boston Concourse plus the Fastest Speed ever recorded in the history of young bird racing in the USA. 

At the very bottom take a look at some of our Van Reet stock.  We are also breeding from top producing brothers and sisters to the pigeons pictured and the pedigreed pigeons below.  We offered a glimpse of the greatest loft of Staf Van Reet pigeons in the world..... McLaughlin Lofts.
Articles and History:
McLaughlin Lofts Van Reet: Click Here 
Staf Van Reet of Mol Belgium:  Click Here
Photo of the amazing Van Reet Ace Pigeon Racing Machine McLofts 13 264

Pedigree of the  National Ace McLofts 13 264 
To view Sire to National Ace 264 (see photos below):
Photo of the Van Reet X Imbrecht Boston Concourse Ace McLofts 3335

3335 is a direct daughter to McLofts 2400.  Ambition is the daughter to the "The Dark Hen."

Pedigrees and Photos of the following pigeons:
National News                    Annoyed
Ultimate Fighter                Virgil
Morning News

Pedigrees and Photos of the following pigeons
Super Flyer                       
Black Tide
Fox News
Black Express

Some old favorites!
Black Jack  -  McLofts 00 1063

Silver Ending- McLofts 02 2529  (photo below)
Red Sea  -  McLofts 02 2889

The Gov. McLofts 04 4288

Double End - McLofts 04 4653


Some old favorites!
Goose -  McLofts 04 4387                        Lena-McLofts 05 5303                
Dannie End-McLofts 00 775                  Julie-McLofts 05 5383

Pacey -  McLofts 04 4383                         Eva-McLofts 07 935

Broker -  McLofts 01 2011                       Red Tech-McLofts 02 2888

Few More Favorites!
News Time - McLofts 08 1704
Erica- McLofts 08 1683
2400- McLofts 09 2400 

Van Reet Legends....McLaughlin Lofts

The Two Brothers!!

Staf Van Reet

Staf Van Reet
The World's Greatest Sprinting Strain!

Let's clear something up!  We are the number one stud of old line Van Reets in the world!

McLaughlin Lofts

​World's Finest Racing Pigeons