McLaughlin Lofts

​World's Finest Racing Pigeons

Thank you to my Family!

When it comes to the pigeons I tend to say "I" when I should say "We." This is a family project!
The shipping of South African Million Dollar Race pigeons would not be possible without the many hours of daily help I receive from my brother Dan.  I call him the "Mineral King".  Dan tends to all the Million Dollar pigeons, several times a day, providing fresh water, fresh minerals, grits, grains and pellets.  Dan has a full-time job, but his work schedule allows him to spend hours in his home office during the day, so he can leave late afternoon.  Dan lives in his own home at the lofts.  

Helper #2 is my father Frank. My Dad is my Post Office runner,  going twice to three times a day, picking up pigeons as soon as they arrive.  He also assists with the care of the pigeons and works every day helping any way he can.
I must also thank my mother,  because she has had hundreds of pigeons processed in her kitchen over three months.  She cleans the morning mess, only to have it all start over in the afternoon, nearly every day for weeks.  We also package the hundreds of pigeons for their trip to the Million Dollar in my mothers kitchen and dining room.  The woman is a Saint!
My last thank you must go to my wife Robin. She  puts up with me stressing out and worrying for weeks, along with the numerous phone calls, not seeing me from April through July, me leaving early morning for the lofts and getting home well after dark.  I tend the Million Dollar pigeons continuously all day, every day.  I put so much pressure on myself and my family, so that you can all depend on me.  I am not sure if Robin knew what she was getting herself into marrying a bird man. "Pigeon Widow" applies here. Robin also will assist with the pigeons when needed. She is my pigeon translator and can speak and write Portuguese and Spanish fluently.

In 2016, we added Meredith Baio as my Administrative Assistant, as well as several part-time Loft Assistants, to assist me with any pigeon loft needs. 
Again Thank you, Robin, Danno, Dad and Mom!