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McLaughlin Lofts guarantees every pigeon sold.  We want you to be completely satisfied with the pigeon.  Your new McLaughlin pigeon will be outstanding. If a McLaughlin pigeon does not completely meet your expectations for any reason, please let us know. The quality of our pigeons and their ability to produce champion racers is not equaled in the sport. 

Please let McLaughlin Lofts provide you with a pigeon that will not only impact your racing results, but will continue to propel you to the top for the next decade!

No Part of McLaughlin Lofts Website can be reproduced, copied or used in any capacity, without written permission from Frank McLaughlin 

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​Please check back for updates, videos, champion pigeon additions and articles.  Notice "Our Systems" used for our methods, health, racing systems  and "The Art of Selection." We will be adding regularly to our "Secrets Page."  

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History of McLaughlin Lofts

McLaughlin Lofts is owned by Frank and Dan McLaughlin and managed by Frank. They are assisted daily by  Frank Sr. and all three are available  to care for the pigeons; a top priority at McLaughlin Lofts. 

Frank is the #1 USA importer of pigeons from Europe.  He was formerly the North American Coordinator for the South African Million Dollar Race and master planner for McLaughlin Lofts' breeding and racing business.  He has been a pigeon fancier since he was seven years old and has always been well aware of the value of the best bloodlines available.

For nearly 40 years, McLaughlin Lofts has been at the top of the sport in the powerful Boston Concourse.  Frank has won every possible Concourse and National prize, and his pigeons are winning races in numerous countries. McLaughlin Lofts pigeons dominate major futurities and National awards each year,  in all climates around the globe. 

Frank relentlessly tracks down the premier pigeons on the world stage.  Since the late 1980’s, Frank has had numerous opportunities to visit the top Belgians and many other famous fanciers.  McLaughlin Lofts has not only imported birds from these lofts but, also, has become close with the Masters of the sport.  In some cases McLaughlin Lofts introduced now very well- known strains to the US.

The racing success started with the immortal 554 Fabry and continued on with the Imbrecht pigeons. We were the first to introduce the incomparable Staf Van Reet pigeons back in 1991. No loft in the world can compete with our Van Reet blood or Van Reet racing records. We started introducing the best of the incredible Maurice Casaert pigeons in 1994. These families were followed by the very elite pigeons of Jos & Jules Engels in 2001 and 2010, which we bought from the Kannibaal in 2002.  

We spared no expense starting in 2010 to load up on the best of De Rauw Sablon and Chris Hebberecht pigeons. In 2013 we added the top Jos Joosen pigeons, best Heremans, Kassboers and Geerinckx.